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Bernadette's Janitorial Cleaning

Welcome To Bernadette' Janitorial Services LLC.

Will you let us save you $200? $300 or even $500 a year?.

We'll give you a free estimate on your business janitorial needs, including:

Then we'll develop a customized cleaning proposal for your facilities by location. Bernadette's Janitorial Services is a family owned and operated business whose main mission is superior customer service and quality service that is rare to find for a reasonable price. We have been providing work for 21 years. We believe in going above and beyond in service though not above and beyond in price.

Bernadette's Janitorial Service is committed to being dependable, reliable and consistent. We have worked and continue to work with business within the tri-state area..

Please feel free to call if you are interested in hearing more details about our business.
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